22 Gennaio 2018

Gianluca Montiron: “I’m here to take you out on track!”

Our columnist will talk about racing, races and racers and will help you to experience the excitement of a real circuit. Just as like being out on the track

Here we are, back to the first time. For me everything began at a round of the European Championship at Imatra. It was 1985 and the editor-in-chief and I were sharing a caravan with the Team Italia riders. Friendship and esteem have accompanied us up to the present day, and now I find myself writing and working for this website.

PASSION – I’m here, speaking freely, to share a sport, a passion, memories and emotions. I’m here to do something that one day you’ll remember as your moment, this is the new challenge of Corsedimoto and soon also of BAR. What’s BAR? Soon you’ll find out, in the meantime try and guess…

NEW FRONTIERS – Web and social media, the world is evolving and it’s nice to enjoy what it’s offering us. I’m here to share with you sporting values that are often overlooked by institutions in favour of politics. I will be an unbiased fan of the sport – MotoGP, SBK, BSB, MXGP – and I’ll have something to write about both with the eyes of an enthusiastic fan and someone on the inside. A pensioner, I hear you say… I’m someone who has stepped onto the top of the podium in MotoGP and Moto2, but don’t believe it was easy. It cost me a lifetime of sacrifice.

CHAMPIONS – Together we are going to enjoy some races from start to finish. Starting with the high-wire specialists of the British Superbike Championship; have you seen what sort of jumps they can do on tarmac at 200 km/h? Badasses they are! And we won’t ignore motocross either. By the way, have you ever tried a motocross bike? You need quite a physique to do a 30-minute race.

READERS ON TRACK – But I won’t only be writing about races and racers, or the thousands of anecdotes from my career. I’ll be working to get the readers of Corsedimoto to come to the races, we’ll go off together to do some tours on the bike, I’ll get you to into some leathers and we’ll go and do some laps together. Not forgetting all those people who have never been on a bike, as well as the ‘gentle sex’; we’ll have a laugh together, do a few laps together and to all those who take things seriously, we’ll put some top stars alongside you as a “personal coach”. We’ve got a lot on our plate basically. By the way, I’ve just created a profile on Facebook and also on Instagram, but that’s just for the girls. So we are just going to have to get out onto the track at some time, hopefully my Dovile doesn’t make me shut down my social media profiles….but luckily she’s a ‘sporty’ type of person like me.

I’ll be waiting for you with the latest news, stay tuned! Ciao and enjoy the racing everybody!

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