Corsedimoto goes global: is here

Corsedimoto has recently launched Bikeandrace, its global version. Not just a mere translation into English, but something much bigger...

30 aprile 2018 - 13:07

Dear friends, April 2018 has been a wonderful month for Corsedimoto. For the first time, we have reached one million views in just one month, an important part of the 6 million pageviews achieved so far. This represents an incredible result for our website about motorcycle racing, born just two years ago. Corsedimoto is part of GazzaNet, the network of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

But success in Italy is not enough for us, so we’ve recently expanded to the international marketplace with our English version

From now most of the articles you can read on Corsedimoto are available also in English on BAR (BikeAndRace). But there you can read also original articles, that you cannot read on Corsedimoto. So don’t forget to add also BAR to your bookmarks!
Bikeandrace is not just a mere English version of a website, but something more: it’s a real webTV that, thanks to a high-resolution player, will provide you with the best online experience ever. We’re preparing many surprises for our readers all around the world…

Stay online, from now also on Bikeandrace!

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